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Wire forming parts, spiral spring, leaf spring

Precision extension- and compression springs, flat spiral springs.

Wire bending and forming parts to drawing and samples.

Music wire to DIN 17223, Class C. No. 1.1200, BS 5216 ND 3 or HD 3, AMS 5112.
Stainless steel wire to DIN 17224, No. 1.4310, BS 2056 EN 58 A. Commercial 302 AMS 5688 spring temper.

Right hand or left hand to drawing or user specification.

Wire up to 0,8 mm squared and unground. Wire over 1,0 mm squared and ground. Extensions springs German loops closed. End position will yary.

Load values shown are for music wire and are based on a service life of 50 000 cycles at 0,50 stress range. For normal service springs should not be compressed below L1.

All dimensions and forces to DIN 2095 / DIN 2097 (Grade 2).

Surface finish:
Normal wire oiled. Shot-peened and plated finishes supplied on request. Allow sufficient additional time for special finishes. To determine the load at any working length use rate x proposed deflection.

1 lb = 4,448 Newtons, 1 Newton = 0,225 lb.

For compression springs with a higher spring rate (P/f) see Heavy