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Turned parts, CNC and autolathe, sheet work

Precision turning or screw machined parts, milling parts and stamping parts to drawing

  1. Technology:
    CNC and automatic lathes from dia 2 mm to dia 250 mm, milling parts, spur gear and pinions cutting for all industry.

  2. Grinding operation:
    inside and outside. Metal sheet cutting, stamping and bending to drawing, thickness up to 5 mm.

  3. Processing:
    metal cutting, including: thermal treatment, hardening, harden and temper, surface treatment

  4. Material:
    carbon steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel, tool steel high speed steel, aluminium, brass and copper all grade.

  5. Quality control:
    precise systematic work procedures, continuous process control with integrated measuring and inspection methods assure a constant quality of parts corresponding with quality management system according to ISO – international standard.